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1800 Gearbox


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Can anyone tell me how much torque one of these boxes can handle?

I'm looking into the Saab Turbo engine swap and know the box will fit,but for how long?

Would i be better selling the box to a rallyboy,and buying an Omega v6 box?



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I have a red top with 187 bhp and the box i fitted was secondhand 10 years and 50.000 miles ago .Its only starting to get a bit tired now .But you'll have a fair bit more power and torque than me.

I need a need some gearbox spares now so if you decide to sell your box could you let me know ?


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it all depends on how you treat it also, i have gone through 3 with my valver but as said above they will last if treated right. :thumbup

Think i'm right in saying that the Getrag 240 will take 240 ft/lbs torque as a maximum, power ain't the killer it's the torque. With an older box the level will probably decrease with wear, so i would say 210 ft/lbs would be the max on a used/reasonable mileage box. Always use a good oil as this can kill them as well.



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