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Newbie, Saying Hiya

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A big hi to everyone, been looking on here for a while now and thought i better pay some pennines and join you guy's.

My name is Chris, from Andover in Hants. I drive a Cavalier MK1 4 door, not quite a manta, but seams to be alot of info

and knowledge here to help keep the cav on the road.

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Thanks for greetings guys, glad everyone likes. thumbsup.gif It's been my daily for almost 2 years, in all weathers, inc last Feb's snow and it's really beginning to show. Solid where it counts but the paint is thin in places and really needs some attention.I parked her up in the garage this winter and only this week have decided to tax and insure it one final time, enjoy the summer and some shows, then get give her the attention she's never seen beforewink.gif

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A monthly meet sounds good, not that far either. I will be at Retro Rides Gathering, haven't missed one yet. Billing is on my list as well, never been before, so looking forward to it. Yep ya right, the wheels are banded, 8.5j x 13 Rostyles, with a full set of centre caps. They are painted the same colour as the interior and with the white walls, they do stand out.

Hurry up with the blue mk1 Jason, dying to see on the road!

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