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Manta Convertible Reluctantly For Sale


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My Manta convertible started life as a Cavalier Centaur, a factory approved conversion based on the Cavalier GLS coupe.

My car was the demonstrator vehicle for Watsons of Airdrie. I aquired the car as a Cavalier 7 years ago.

It now features a full Exclusive body kit, incuding a Manta four slot front panel, proper rear bumper with number plate support and the infill panel between the rear lights. The rear spoiler is proper GM/Irmscher spongy one, not a composite replica.

During the conversion to Mantadom, the car was completely stripped, new wings, passenger door, sills and rear arches were fitted along with some welding to the front chassis legs (hardly a surprise)

The engine was lifted and the car resprayed in MG trophy YELLOW. Yup, its loud.

The wheels are BMW BBS 15s with good yokohama tyres. They are the type with the centre cap from the 325i and have proper Opel blitz logos.

The interior is from an 83 GTE, so Recaro front seats (drivers side bolster is a bit worn, again hardly suprising), it also has the GTE door cards. The dash contains a set of Clive's alloy dials, the winders are Clive's also. The 'sounds' are provided by a Blaupunkt DAB radio with speakers in the kick panels, rear panels and a 10 inch sub in the boot. The boot is fully trimmed in grey carpet.

The engine is the original 1979 carb engine with its original carb and 4 spd box. It has the 'in distributor' electronic ignition pack and is dressed with an alloy rocker cover and one of Clive's radiator panels.

The car passed its MOT last month with only a single advisory on a bit of corrosion on a front brake pipe and is taxed for 11 months.

The car lives in North Ayrshire, Thats Scotland and a bit left and down a bit from Glasgow.

I think the car is worth about £4000, it is to me, but I might have to be a little bit flexible on that.

I have too many toys and not enough time to enjoy them, so its time to let someone else enjoy this one.

email me for photos at rallycinqatntlworlddotcom.

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Sounds like a nice car :) any pics of the Convertible. Would be nice to see some as I have one myself, well worth the money as a new roof alone in mohair is £1500 alone , Mine is just undergone a 2 year bare shell resto and is in getting the roof done at the moment, cant wait to get it done and dusted.

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