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Found One


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Now that looks very tidy. :thumbup I can see a bit of scabing on the top of the wing but it looks solid.

If you haven't already, take a good look all around the front floor area, jacking points and chasse rail. Rear lower corners and valance. If all is Ok then you've got a good'n. :lol:

Enjoy it now the good weather should be coming and it will be great if you can make it along to some club meeting and Billling.

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Thanks all

I think it was owned by a club member a few years ago, the chap that i had it off owned it for over 4 years but wasn't a member.

If anyone knows any information about it i'd be interested to hear it

Reg No - XVE696L

I was told that it used to be silver with a vinyal roof and resided in cambridgedshire for many years but thats all I really know about it.

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I might have some good news for you. If the details I have on the register of your car are correct then it was built in December 1972, making it tax exempt. PM me wih your VIN number and I'll check for you. If I'm right I can write you a letter for DVLA.

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Glad you like it, Bit of crust here and there and a few drops of oil on the drive but all in all she's not bad.

Not to happy runnning on unleaded + additive though, gonna try some premium

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Very nice, hope to see you out an about at the shows in South Wales...

Pm me your email address and I'll pass it on to the acting rep so you can be included in all the news/events etc we do down here...



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