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1979 Manta Sr Berlinetta Coupe

Devil Fish

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I'm posting this for Martin (who is effectively the new South Wales rep for the club...

Do not contact me about it... Martin's contact details at the bottom of the description...

"I bought JLN 561V last October with the intention of slowly restoring it but the unexpected return of my 87 GTE from an engine rebuild somewhat put a stop to it, so it's now for sale. I bought the Manta from Julian, a club member who had owned it since May 88. Julian is a retired Ambulance Fleet Engineer/Manager and has maintained the car himself wherever possible, which includes a re-shell with a non-sunroof and non-opening rear side windows shell, an engine rebuild, a manual choke Webber carb and a new battery, (2009) the speedo shows approximately 69,000 miles but Julian said that "some of the parts he hadn't reached" are more like 250,000 miles.

As you can see from the photos the body requires some work and comes with both rear wheel arch repair panels, a good s/h passenger door, a s/h front valance and all the missing external trims. The Manta came with a slight droop to the front, (front impact kink in chassis) and has also had a new o/s/f wing partially fitted and quickly painted due to the droop. The interior is red, (I'm told the front seats are not the original) with red and black seat covers, there's also a spare rear seat squab. Since buying the car I've fitted a re-cored radiator, a new water pump and a front section to the good standard exhaust system, (I've a good spare rear box and been promised a straight front bumper).

Four of the tyres are good with a usable spare and there is a second spare ATS without a tyre, the tyres lose pressure over time. I used the Manta daily for work and at week-ends up until I put it on a SORN at the end of March, it's MOT is due on the 4th of July 2010. The axle is quiet and the 4 speed box is noisy, (compared to my 5 speed GTE) once it gets up above 50, the Manta also comes with a spare 5 speed gearbox, prop shaft and a 5 speed conversion kit to maintain the original gear stick position. The only problem I've had was when I flooded it while still getting used to the manual choke.

I live near Cardiff and I'm asking for offers in the region of £1,100.00, if your interested I can be contacted on my works e-mail, land line or my mobile. Sincerely, Martin Meadon, (5369F). Tel/Ffon 029 2078 8226 / 07793 258 275, mmeadon@caerdydd.gov.uk"










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