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1987 Manta 1.8Gt For Sale


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Now sold. For sale is a silver Opel Manta 1.8 GT hatchback. The car itself is reg Sept 1987. It was purchased at new by a Vauxhall employee who sold it to my father (also ex Vauxhall) in 1993, it has been in my direct family ever since. It was garaged in 1999 and not used since. It has a factory fitted GTE body kit including alloys (5) and has not been upgraded in any way. All parts original. The mileage is 50,500 and the black/grey cloth interior reflects these low miles. The wheels have been re-furbished and are great and the engine runs lovely. I have replaced timing belts, HT leads, dizzy cap, rota arm, battery, front brake pipes, front pads and rear shoes. The car has been tested and the current MOT runs out on 31/3/11. So interior and mechanics are fine.

I gave the car to a guy to re-spray and he has made a mess of it. The paintwork is scrappy and flat and in all honesty needs re-doing. That said there are no serious rust problems and no welding is needed. The underside is covered in a light rust layer. I could have wire brushed this and applied underseal but feel it better to leave so any potential purchaser can see it is solid and honest. There is a slight dent to the rear offside where it was bumped many years ago (see pictures). This car needs some love and attention but no major money spend. It could be driven around now.

The car is advertised on autotrader and there are a number of photos to view. I would sell to a manta club member at significantly less than advert as I feel these cars should go to someone who will take care and preserve them. I have at last had some feedback as to what price I should ask. It would appear £1200 is nearer the mark.

Have tried to be honest in my description and would happily answer any questions anyone has. I can be contacted by e-mail although I only look at my account weekly. If quick info is needed can be contacted 24/7 via mobile - 07711015714. The car is currently garage stored in the Wirral area.

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Autotrader ad here

Looks tidy but you can see something in the doors like an odd reflection, take it thats the bad paint you describe?

Yeah. The paint job's poor. It appears thin in places. Needs a rub down and re-paint. I'm aware it needs re-painting and am obviously flexible when and if offers are made. The price on autotrader doesn't really reflect what I want, I just gave it a run to the general population (no-one seemed to be able to give me a realistic prce to advertise it at so I based it on cars already for sale and work required). The car itself is very solid and with a bit of time and knowledge could be mint.

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