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My Gte Coupe (Barn Find)

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So here are a few up to date pictures (and a couple finding the faults above!)......... The blue pump was a ebay purchase. Thinking this was the problem I fitted a brand new Bosch unit, all £115

Spent a few hours in the garage tonight. Decided to tackle the non working petrol gauge. Previous investigation confirmed the gauge was fine, it was the sender unit was knackered. With the car lying a

Where did you get the new headlamps? did they come with the 3 threaded bars coming out of the back of the light for mounting them? Thanks

Your right Stu, red it is!!

Will change the Blue to Red tomorrow


I think you'll find the only difference between Blue and Red anti-freeze is that the Blue is cheaper but only lasts 2 years normally and the Red is Long-Life and should last 5 years, but you pay more for it!

The big thing to be careful of is making sure you flush the system thoroughly, if the Blue and Red mix, they make a muddy solution which can block small waterways, like the heater Matrix and sometimes even the Radiator itself!!



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Great project! I have been watching this one with interest!

FYI, before you start drilling that new manifold, you really should be putting the HEGO at the last collector so the sensor monitors the A/F ratio on all cylinders not just the 2 cylinders!

Good luck!


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Great project! I have been watching this one with interest!

FYI, before you start drilling that new manifold, you really should be putting the HEGO at the last collector so the sensor monitors the A/F ratio on all cylinders not just the 2 cylinders!

Good luck!


I was going to say the same thing!!!... just after the last collector please

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Thanks for that guys, lamda now fitted where 4 pipes end up in 1!


Wiring loom fitted, just waiting to plug in the ECU


Exhaust manifold & Thermostat now mounted



I've set up a temporary exhaust system in preperation for firing the car up......


We have ignition lights!!!


We have tail lights!!!


In fact, everything electric is working perfectly!!

Next, fire it up (hopefully):blink:

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:thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

It's running!!!!!!!!

It took a while to start, but that was due to having new tappets fitted. They have to fully pressurise before the valves open and close as they should do. After about 30min of on & off turning over with the plugs in & out, the car was trying to start. Another couple of turns and it kicked into life!!!

Still the gearbox to fit......as listed previously I wanted to start it with no box fitted to ensure there were no awkward oil leaks to repair but all seems well.

After the box is fitted, I need to build a permanent exhaust system, then refit ancillaries like screenwash pipework, head lamps etc etc, then it'll be MOT time.

After 8 years (7 years sitting in the garage) the end is getting closer!!

Will continue to keep you updated until 100% complete.

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just a note on your gearbox, noticed you had a picture of some gear oil in previuos post,


i have had a gearbox come to bits and i know the previous owner of the Manta did a full 'fluid' service, someone else local built an XE coupe and used ordinary gearbox oil and very soon had to get a CIH gearbox off me and have the fronts of the boxes swopped over.

The genuine GM getrag oil is funny stuff, looks a bit thin, is pink and smells of cherry aid!!! but it seems this is the only oil that you can use with GM Getrag gearboxs and with trade club discount that you get at Vauxhall dealers as a member of the Opel Manta OC it cost a lot less than buying other oil.

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I've always used an EP80 or 90 Hypoid I forget which.

Guess what? Only lunched two of these boxes, both on a full throttle gear shift to second, missed it and stripped the synchro.

Boxes still worked, just notchy.

Point is, been using the wrong oil without problems for 20 years.

I do not recommend using the wrong oil. I just believe that having a working tail shaft seal and some oil in it is far more important than anything else.

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Fitted the gearbox last night..........well, big Stu did the majority of it. Before I could look out the 19mm spanners for the bell housing, he had it in place!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the help big chap!!


Clutch cable fitted too.....the clutch pedal sitting at the correct height. Looking at the pic, think I'll give the pedal metal arms a coat of black paint, they are looking grubby!!


Nice to see the gear stick and not the ground! Gaiter to be cleaned also


Next, wiring the electric cooling fan, fit exhaust manifold (removed it to weld on Lambda boss), build an exhaust system, fit screen wash bottle & pipework etc etc.

Nearly there!!

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anytime gerry boy.

you cant beat putting in a rear wheel drive box compared to a front wheel one especially on the manta as theres loads of room.

Old cars are so much better to work on with all the room compared to the modern shite thats about now.

The car is looking amazing and im still amazed how good the interior looks after we cleaned it just shame about the drivers seat.

Right fellow manta owners he needs a mint brown drivers recaro seat,ask everyone of your friends and get in touch.

Not long to go now before its done gerry.

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Managed to pick up these wheels. Compomotive 15"........quite retro looking I think. Will get them powder coated white. I think they'll look good!!


Missing manifold studs!!


Not anymore!!


I heat wrapped the exhaust manifold, it protects the closeby brake pipes as well as keeping under bonnet temperatures down



Decided to reverse the battery.....didn't want to look onto the back of it with no 'Bosch' livery.....wiring altered as required..


Tidying up the existing wiring and positioning of ancillaries continues

Alternator Earth


Petrol pump relay


Cooling fan switch wiring


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I'll be happy if I get it a wee spin around the block before Christmas (on a dry day!). I'll then park it up until the spring when it can make its first trip!!

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Just back from holiday, so just a short update....

Wiring altered for the twin headlamp conversion


How good does this look!!


The wiring can never be too tidy I say!!


Hooked this upto to the compressor & waxoiled the chassis legs & box sections


Next.....build an exhaust system

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Here are the components required to build the exhaust. I didn't use the front (long thin) silencer, I wanted a two box system.


Here it is coming together.....




Decided I wasn't happy with the tail-pipe size......only 60mm!!


So, off it came. Drilled & tapped new fixing holes for the new tail pipe


On goes the new one......


And now fitted. Much better looking I'm sure all agree?


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Air filter next......

Wasn't happy about it 'floating & flexing', so made a mounting bracket using the original filter box mounts & some Ally flat bar. (I love detail!!)


This is what I mean.....didn't wan't the filter hitting the bonnet slam panel.....


Filter fitted!


Now it's time to start ticking off the wee outstanding jobs...

Radiator overflow pipe (colour co-ordinated of course!!)


Next.....Radio cassette, speakers, mudflaps, new wheels etc.

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thats a really nice job looks like your nearly there

one thing i would do is put you ecu inside the car instead off on the inner wing as mine was like yours when i 1st got it but after some advice from local members.

bit off a tight job but if you take your alternator off and thread it back through the inlet it should get inside

there is another way off doing it i was told but i forgot and did it my way

no doubt you will get some better advice if you ask in the tech bit.

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Excellent work being done there Mate, looks really nice. I like the photo of the lump sitting in the chassis and two photos on a photo of pipes and your new clutch cover alongside the pipes, I gather the photos are not in the sequance of the work being done!!!!!!!!!! We will be seeing more pics as you proceed, I hope, it all reminds me of my younger days. Make sure none of that snow you are having, doesn't get anywhere near it :thumbup

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