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Ascona / Manta Wind Splits - 110Cm


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'ello to all, 'ello Rab, good to see you in here too, mate! Dimitris here, from Greece!

So, as an administrator of the largest car-enthusiasts forum in Greece, for 10 years, I will just offer my opinion, even if this topic is 4 years old (lol). Admins here might hate me for bringing up such an old topic, I was just looking for windsplits online out of curiosity (I have mine, they are original and I was given them for free, lol), I landed on this thread...


For our own forum, we have restricted any classifieds that do not contain a price, a full description of the item, a photo and stuff like that. Most of all? A price!

If someone wants to set an auction, ebay is an auction place. For our forum, we consider classifieds with "send me a PM for price" as frauds. It depends on how they see you and if they think they can grab more money from you, they will!

In order for us to avoid any exploitation of our members by some "clever dude", we restrict all classifieds that do not have a price. For our members, there MUST be a fix price!
Even on ebay, you have to set a standard/fixed price!

All of these are just my humble opinion, I have no intention (nor the interest) in offending the seller of this item, 4 years after, nor anyone else.

Hope you guys are alright, greets from Greece! 

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Hi guys,


I also need such for my ASCONA B project. Maybe the price is fair enough, but for me it is too much.
If someone can give a pair I can create a fiberglass copy and with very good quality and reasonable price.

They won't be a rubber ones, but will have a perfect fitment. Now I am in progress of making fiberglass copy of the Irmscher Ascona B rear spoiler. Soon I will put a pictures and price for it, but I can assure the quality will be very good. So if someone have a free pair I will pay for the postage cost and will give one fiberglass item as gift.



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