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I Feel A Little Bit Sick

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Christ!, when I see cars like that parked up I always try to visualise the drivers.........

......baggy track suit bottoms half way down with 'fashion' underwear on show, scruffy white Reebok trainers, matching T shirt, massive (sterling) silver necklace (or several worn at the same time most likely), ten pearcings per ear, thin, knackered looking girlfriend with greasy hair - oh yeah and holding a Tesco bag.

Is it possible to put a car down to end its misery :lol:

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Nice!! blink.gif

Tastfully done too!

So that's what cars look like when they're magnetised and driven through Halfords ohmy.gif

Great comments all of you, I have wet myself several times over. I just want to shake the owners hand and maybe slap him or her upside the head blink.giflaugh.gif

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At the very least this one is practical


At first glance, change the paint job and that would not be too bad, but then I saw the side veaw, sorry but that does not look right at all, all the proportions and angles are out :(

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I would buy that cavalier.

Rip off all the chav+ items, put the engine in my hatch and put a standard engine in the cav.

Then all the bits ripped off the cav, burnt and disposed of in a humain way.

The carlton pick-up, well, its, erm, hard to say. Its different and looks good in some angles apart from side on. :(

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