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Stereo Wiring And Quad Headlights Help

sam d

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just wondered what additional wiring harness adaptors i need to fit an after market modern head unit into my 1986 gte and where can i get them from??

Also where can i get some new headlight for my twin head lamps??


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Wiring the head unit depends on what sort of head unit/speaker setup's already in the car. Remember you may need to find somewhere to mount a pair of front speakers as there's only one speaker as standard (under the dash top).

If there's already a radio/tape player in the car, most of the wires into that should be fairly obvious (+ve and -ve etc) so you should be able to get an adapter with an ISO plug like this, only don't pay Halfords prices for it whatever you do.

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.......... and a normal modern sized head unit wont fit into the depth available on a Manta/Mk1 Cav.

Therefore you either have to put up with the unit sticking out like a sore thumb or hope that someone on here has a Manta head unit adaptor 'thingy' (which I am still looking for myself coincidentally).

By the way the adaptor obviously still has the unit sticking out of the dash, it basically just covers the steel sides of the unit and allows it to 'click' into something rather than just perched on the lip of the dash.

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