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Manta 400 Maybe


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so im new to all this i recently saved a mk2 astra gte from the crusher it need a bit of work but the project is nearly finished ive enjoyed doing this so much i decide i would start another so the idea was a manta gte but then while i was look the 400 caught my eye i have no problem with the body work as this is my trade but ive been looking and i c a 3lt engine is an option i can bolt things together easy enough and basic welding what would b involved in taking this on any tips would b appreciated like best car to start with id guess it to b a gte and weather its necessary to buy a donor car or is that just a waste of time so any help hint tips links ty much appreciated

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I'm nah expert. It depends on the type of Manta you want? coupe or hatchback? If you don't mind either then I'd suggest picking-up yourself a 1.8 hatch,(because 1.8 coupes are like hens teeth) then converting it tae a red-top (if your looking for cheap way to increase power).

If you 'really' fancy the 3.0L? (good choice in my opinion) I know the early 3,0Ls were CIH (not 100% sure about the newer types 'Dual Ram'). The 3.0L CIH engine will fit the gear box But you'll need to mod the front subframe, etc.

As I've already said 'i'm nah expert' so spend some time reading through the projects on here, and you'll get a better idea :thumbup If you do get yourself a Manta? join-up and you'll get all the advice and help you need.

Final piece of advice ;) sell the hairdresser Astra and get yourself a 'real' motor :D:lol:

ps only joking aboot your Astra ;)

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