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Opel Manta 1.8 Gt With Loads Of Parts


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To clarify a few things, the previous owner especially did a lot of work on the car and knew what he was doing. Unfortunately when I bought the Manta he didn't give me his photo album of the restoration.

The troublesom sections of the chassis and jacking points etc have been completely re-made and welded in as far back as necessary to bite into good metal. This gives a good strong repair for many years unlike many MOT bodges that involve welding patches over rotten metal allowing it to fester out of sight.

The back of the wheel arches/ front of the foot wells have again been cut out and new parts completely seal welded in. I welcome any viewings- you will see neat and healthy full seam welds on any repairs- not bird crap and ground down! At the time the chassis rails were filled with some sort of underseal from aerosoles I believe as well as being fully sprayed underneath, although jack marks and general wear over the past 2 years mean odd bits are missing but allow the solid metal to be seen.

This really is a solid car - door bottoms and panels etc. have no rust. I'll gladly get the jack and axel stands out should you wish to view underneath- just excuse the Manta's natural rust proofing from the leaky rear gearbox seal and a little from the engine!

As for splitting the replacement engine /conversion package, I'd prefer not to as it's a good strong and healthy set up injection engine as it is. I'm all for the simplicity of carbs but extra power as well as economy from the 2.0L injection engine I couldn't refuse- especially as it comes already fitted with a dedicated ECU loom so no untangling and messing about with wires- mount ECU, plug in. Done! I will however bear you in mind Sutty in case my thinking changes!

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No problem :thumbsup:

Anyone prefer the car on it's own and without all the spares / parts?

Engine really isn't as bad as it probably sounds, I'd just rather be straight up. I've never had any trouble with it in 2 years. Just remember to check the oil and water. I'll include the new head bolt set and head gasket/ top end rebuild set (with all stem seals etc.)- when I first bought car I planned to just fit the new seals to current engine and be done with it, then decided to put a more powerful engine in (then decided to sell it :eyeroll:).

If it weren't for the fact I want to concentrate on another car now, I'd probably just whip it apart and fit the new bits to sell. It seems one or two people are daunted by small issues that actually make it a more honest car (not potentially bodged for a sale).

I'm up for a deal on Manta, conversion parts, spare parts, Astra GTE. Try me with your offer for whatever combination!

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Right, I need this car gone!

It is as solid as you'll find, pulls well and won't give you trouble in MOTs.

Forget all spares I have, how much for the car alone?

The link dosen't seem to be working! I know it was working last week :blink:

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