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Front Chassis Repair Parts


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hi i need to draw on your knowledge

i'm ready to repair my crusty front chassis,swan necks.i've looked at dr manta website but the translation makes the description a little confusing & i dont want to order the wrong parts for obviuos reasons.

i've read upk's project posts but his links dont work as they are now expired.

so does anyone have the relavant part numbers or links.

i need the inner swan necks & the outer panels, or better still does anyone have these parts surplus & for sale?

i hope this all makes sense many thanks davo thumbsup.gif

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For floorpns, PS Autoteile in Germany do them for €99 a side plus postage.

If you look at UPK's thread he has not bought some and fitted them.

Web Site

They are also on Ebay.de.

I am sure UPK will be along to pass on the details of who he got the Swan Necks from.


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Eckhard from Germany. Sorry I've lost his email address. Hopefully Kev will have it.

£90 odd for outer classis leg

£180-ish for inner and outer

£260 for complete leg (welded up)

Prices last March/April. The pound has dropped alot from last year so might cost alot more.

The quailty is brilliant :thumbup






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as you all expected here i am!

chassis legs i used were directly from eckhard


floor pans are from ps auteille.

i payed on both counts using paypal and goods arrived within a few days

again both are excellent fit and i recommend them as it saves loads of time

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many thanks for all your replysthumbsup.gif

Matt, the fella doing my welding now knows what route we're gonna take

the best bit is he is well up for my project ,my guess is it makes a change for him to do something other than VW campers!!

to quote him 'i read the replys last night & wanted to get back in the workshop right away'

top fella

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