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Pair Of 20S Cih Engines Near Swansea


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As per the title, I've got two cam-in-head engines, both 20S, for sale near Swansea.

The first was running until a couple of weeks ago when I took my Sportshatch off the road and pinched the inlet manifold for my coupe, and it could probably do with a rebuild. The front cover's got some interesting holes in it after a couple of the water pump bolts sheared off and we had to improvise to get a new water pump on and get the car running again as it was my daily driver. Low oil pressure at idle when it's hot but never seemed to do any damage, as I said this engine was in my daily driver which I covered thousands of miles in with no problems. Rebuild or use as is, the choice is yours, £25.

The second was removed from a '79 Sportshatch late last year. Never had it running properly due to fuel pipe problems, but I've no reason to suspect there's anything wrong with it. I was going to stick it in my daily driver hatch but since I'm about to strip that car I've no need for it any more. The car it was taken from was showing about 86k miles on the speedo, which I believe was genuine but the engine may well have done less, there were yellow paint marks on the engine mounting nuts so I suspect it may have been out and reconditioned at some point, but since I don't know please assume it hasn't. Only problem is that it's right at the back of a very full storage unit right now and I don't know when I'll be able to get it out, but I'm after £60 for it.

Can't offer any sort of guarantee with either unfortunately, but apart from what's described above I can't see any problems with them.

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Hi spiney_norman Would you be willing to sell a carb off one of your engines ? If yes would you be willing to post to Glasgow ? I have a 1980 2.0S manta B coupe the carb is a sorlex varajet with the rectangle top for the air cleaner

cheers Denboy

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Hi Denboy, just so you know the Solex and Varijets were two different carbs! I've got a spare Weber 32/36 DGV somewhere that's in need of a rebuild, and I've also got the standard air filter housing that's been modified to fit the top of the Weber, as well as a K+N style pancake filter that's grubby but does the job. If any of that's any good to you I'd be more than happy to post to Glasgow, just let me know!

Mantapaperman, did you get your oil pressure issues sorted or are you still looking for a switch?

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Hir spiney-norman thanks for keeping me right... I stand corrected it's not a sorlex haha.... Thanks for the offer of the webber but I've spoken to a young machanic who recons it's just a blocked jet in my carb since it's been sitting untoched for 5 years...

Watch this space I'll be back on next week looking for a carb probably... Thanks again and sorry for taking so long to reply

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