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Manx Hatch


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Picked up my latest Manta this week off garymanc thumbsup.gif

Hopefully over the next few weeks this thread will grow and the car will progress to a point where it's ready to go for the Manx test.

This is the car as it arrived on Tuesday morning on the back of the trailer.


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looking foward to your progress john

i have started to miss it all ready,but at least i can mow the lawn without a drive first :lol:

really glad its gone to a good home though, and it makes a change when its gone over the water not to ireland :thumbup

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hope the sill will repair that bit on the rear quarter thumbsup.gif

Should do Gary, it looks to be only rotted through on that one spot. A well made patch welded in and skim of filler, should sort it.

There is a fair layer of filler on that quarter from the previous overhaul.

(turbo 2000 in the background?)

Yeah 2.0 turbo wagon. but with a dead enginesad.gif

Mate and I have another V4 engine to swap in out of a WRX.thumbsup.gif

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Down the garage this evening for an hour, got the grinder out with the wire brush cup on.

And set about that lower rear quarter. There has been a good skim of filler down there.

Bar the hole and a section of arch lip that have gone. its a lot better than I though it would be.

I'll see if I can sort out a picture tomorrow.

A bit of cutting and patching required.

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Little update, its been a while this thread was four pages down :blink:

Been busy with other stuff so not had the time to devote to this.

Anyway had a spare afternoon at the weekend so got the welder and grinder out, and set about the holes.


N/S rear wheel arch patched in


N/S sill tail end repaired


Bit of tidying up to do but a step nearer to getting back on the road.

Other bits that have been replaced, track rod end, rack gators & thermostat.

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Wee update, over the past few weeks been doing some little bits, not had a lot of time.

The bumper and lights have been put back on and working. Engine starts up a lot better and running better, think lack of use and old fuel was most of the trouble.

With the engine running, noticed that the exhaust has a few blowing pin hols. As at this point all I want to do is get it through the test I don't want to start changing this at this point as it will be all changing for new later. So started patching and plugging this on the car. Access to a couple of bits are not good and the welds are snorter like at best. Alas ran out of MiG wire the other night so could not finish the job. Just hope that I can get it holding gas without having to remove it from the car.:angry:

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