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Anyone Know What This Is?


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Hi all,

Manta B Hatch with C20XE....

Had a mare the other weekend, Manta just conked out on me mid drive. Couldn't get it started again (already run out of petrol twice :unsure: due to incorrect reading gauge - need to modify the voltage regulator as per the instructions on here), anyway towed it home (the Trooper certainly has earned it's money this year!) and started to diagnose in the garage.

Long story short, fuel issue, when I removed this part (lived in line between the fuel pump and fuel filter) the fuel pump started delivering up to the fuel rail again and off it went.

I don't know what it is I've removed, but it's working again, best guess is either a non-return valve or a pressure regulator (Couldn't find anything in the Haynes manual that looked like it).

Can anyone tell me what it is?




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Its a fuel pulse damper. Just means that engine side of it is a steady flow of fuel as the pump can pulse giving high and low flows.

Loads of people do away with them, myself, i always replace them if they fail. The way i look at it is Opel put them there for a reason.

I can supply new GM units @ £50.85 + VAT but i dare say that if you have a look on ebay you might find a pattern one or someone on here might have a good used one



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