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Blue Interior Bits, Tailgate, Lowering Springs


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Need to get rid of some of the bits I've been collecting, and could also do with the cash so here we go.

1 hatchback tailgate removed from a '79 Cav Sportshatch, blue, complete with glass, no badges, bit rusty around the screen seal but never leaked when I had it on my car. £20. Only have a picture of it on the car, but as you can see it's not rotten, in fact it was probably the second best panel on the car...


Blue interior bits, mostly from the same GLS Sportshatch. Pair of front seats, some marks on the back from storage, may come off but haven't yet had a chance to try. Cover's coming away from the bottom on the driver's seat. £40.





Back seat - only have a picture of the base, as it's currently being borrowed for my coupe:


The backrest has been DIY re-covered by someone in the past, so is a different shade and pattern to the rest. One of the buttons for folding it has snapped off but the other works fine, it does still fold. £20.

Door cards:



No speaker holes, decent condition but missing a few of the plastic clips to hold them to the doors. Come with door pulls and I might even be able to find a blue door pocket or two. £20.

I can definitely lay my hands on good front and rear blue carpets, a blue dash top with only minor cracks, a couple of blue dash bottoms in excellent condition, a blue rear parcel shelf complete with side supports and genuine GM rear belts, blue hatchback boot carpets and all the trim, in fact if there's any blue interior bits you're after I may well have them.

One blue Cav front wing, NS, complete with chrome wheelarch trim and rubbing strips, £35.

Complete set of hatchback H+R lowering springs off the brown Sportshatch I'm stripping at the moment, they're blue, I was told they were something like a 60mm drop for a GTE, again I can only show pics of how the car looked with them on but they're seriously low.


After £75 for them.

1 hatchback chrome rear bumper, very good nick, £30.

I'm very much open to offers on any of this stuff as my landlord's getting fed up of waiting for the rent.

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