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M&m Dronten Car Parts 15% Discount On Webshop Prices!

M&M Dronten

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Some of you may have seen us at Billing where we have a stand each year.

For those who don' t know who we are, a short introduction:

We are a Dutch car parts company for all car manufacturers and specialized in Opel. We have NEW original and imitation as well as used car parts. We are known to be able te get parts that no one else is able to get. We have a hugh network of international contacts, so if we don't have the part you want, we will do our best to get it. We also have parts for Vauxhall or are able to get it.

Most of our parts are to be found on our webshop www.mmdronten.nl When you visit our webshop you can select the English language. 90 percent of the objects are translated in English. important, prices on our webshop are 19% VAT excluded

So what do we have for example for Opel / Vauxhall(following is just a small selection):




-Exhaust parts




-Wheel arches

-wheel bearings




-Oil sumps

-tie rods


For Opel Manta Owner Club members we can offer a 15% discount on our webshop parts! (some parts are excluded, but that are just a few)

We are also active on eBay Germany, most objects are in German, a small part of it also in English). Our eBay shop is: eBay shop The discount is not available on our eBay products

Because we are located in the Netherlands it isn't always easy to ship parts to the UK. I will warn beforehand, shipment isn't always cheap. Shipping costs are at a minimum of 25 euro and for the bigger parts it is more. We have a contact person that is in the netherlands once every few weeks and can take parts with him. In that case delivery costs are lower. It is also advisable to collect a bulk order.

Always contact us about transport costs before ordering parts.

How to use the discount?

Go to our webshop and select the part numbers (MM-numbers) of the parts you want to order. Sent me a PM or email with:

-the part numbers you want to order,

-Your real name and Forum name

-Your address (to calculate the shipping costs)

-your email-address (for easier contact and to sent photos)

When your product isn' t listed on our webshop, you can sent us an email, and we look what we can do for you. Please note your OMOC-members name in your email.

With kind regard,

M&M Dronten

Pioniersweg 78

8251 KR Dronten


tel: +31 (0)321-318635

fax: +31 (0)321-338564




You are kindly requested to email to info@mmdronten.nl for questions about availability of parts. Please always note your address.

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Last couple of years at Billing were absolutely great, so this year will be there again of course! We will bring our VAN and a trailer with us loaded full of parts! Vauxhall / Opel parts for the older models are increasingly hard to get in the UK and Ireland. We can still deliver a lot of the parts that are almost impossible to get.

We received a lot of requests for parts in the past years, unfortunately quite often the transport costs turned out to be too high. Billing is agian the opportunity for you and us to tackle the transport problems!

Because we have limited space in our VAN we can only bring a small selection of our parts to Billing. Therefore it is wise to pre-order your requested parts, so we can bring them to Billing. You only pay a small fee for transport.

We have all kind of body parts, springs, and other parts for all Opel models and, what makes us special, also for the older models like Kadett A, B, C; Rekord/Commodore; Manta; Monza. Below a cross list between Opel and Vauxhall. For the MK1, MK2 and Carlton there is a lot of demand for parts, and we have them!

Vauxhall MK1 Astra = Kadett D

Vauxhall MK2 Astra = Kadett E

Vauxhall MK3 Astra = Astra F

Vauxhall MK4 Astra = Astra G

Vauxhall MK5 Astra = Astra H

Vauxhall Carlton = Omega A

Vauxhall Lotus Carlton= Omega A

Vauxhall Chevette = Kadett C

Vauxhall MK2 Cavalier = Ascona C

Vauxhall MK3 Cavalier = Vectra A

Vauxhall Nova = Corsa A

Vauxhall Senator A = Senator A

For these models we have for example: fenders, bumpers, wheel arches, etc. Since this year we have extended our program with new original engines! We have the following engines:

55 351 820 Y 30 SE V6 Engine

24 435 748 Y 30 SE V6 Engine

93 169 243 V& for Saab 9-5 (B 308E) year 97-03

09 411 429 2,8 I DTI for Movano & Renault

93 171 214 Y 25 DT for Opel & BMW

09 110 567 1,9 I for Renault & Opel Vivaro

09 111 762 2,8 I DTI for Movano

93 861 631 1,9 I for Vivaro Fam. Renault

93 161 848 2,5 I DT Motor for Vivaro & Renault

ENGINE OPEL GM 3.0 V6 NEW, 0 kilometres, 155 kW, 270 Nm

for automatic transmission

with manifolds (not X30XE)

with ignition modules bosch 0221503026 and 0221503027

without starter, alternator, flywheel, steering pump

Engine Opel Corsa B, 1,5 Diesel

OE: 604066

GM: 97722324

Opel Monterey 3.1 l Diesel Engine, Short block.

GM: 97730724

Opel Frontera 3.2 l Gasoline Engine, short block.

GM: 97760880

A lot of our parts are listed on www.mmdronten.nl , not all though, so if you can't find your part, please contact us!

Please let us know which you need, we will bring them with us!

A kind request, if you don' t need parts yourself, but you know what kind of parts are highly asked for, please tell us!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Billing.

Kind regards,

M&M Dronten

Pioniersweg 78

8251 KR Dronten


tel: +31 (0)321-318635

fax: +31 (0)321-338564




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