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Get Rid Owe Yon Lump Owe Iron!


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Noo thats better :) be thur awe bit owe awe squeeze.And while doon this neck owe thi woods wull gee block and awe bittys awe freshen up seen as its nine year noo since past through here. :D:D

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Where'd the manifold come from?

Standard might no fit my A with the bike carbs on it

Hi Shug.

Am sure it came aff fae here if awe mind correct, got it back end owe last year.Will hiv tae heat wrap und see who it awe soonds when done und dusted if pants wull bi awe coming aff again.

Hope awes well wi yae Shug.

cheers rab.

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Hello Rab, good to see you full of enthusiasm still.

Fitted one of these back in 92 and what an absolute b4st4rd of a job it was too, then went on to read a Fast Car article saying "What a fffing pig it was when they fitted one and how it gave them no extra power on a standard manta" However yours looks to have long straight sections on the primaries from the head, couple with the extra power from the i200 lump, will be interesting to know if it goes better.

Would also be interesting to know if you found it the pig to fit that I did :)

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