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Two Cars, Xe Engine And Various Other Bits


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My ambition was to build a proper old skool track Manta for my 40th birthday this October.

Two years down the line, the parts are all here, everything I need is in place but I'm out of time, money and patience from my wife.

Consequently it all has to go and somebody is going to get some great kit.

No point me posting photos, if you're interested email me at nickoak@me.com and I'll give you all the info you need. I will opening this advert to a wider audience eventually, but thought I'd start here with the true enthusiasts first.


2.0 XE engine.

The engine has been completely stripped to it's component parts. The block was then 1mm overbored and honed, machined to match the brand new Omega forged pistons I bought from SBD. The head has been treated to ensure non porous, new valves fitted, std cams, SBD verniers. The crank is std but reground, winged sump, crank position sensor trigger wheel, 4-2-1 stainless manifold. Jenvey throttle bodies with short trumpets (to fit rhd car without moving the brake servo), engine loom and programmable OMEX ECU with a 220bhp map (was all running perfectly before being stripped, so the map will get you started before being perfected on the rollers). In short all you will need to build a 8000rpm safe 220bhp motor is a set of rods, shells, bolts and gaskets.

The TB's and pistons alone would cost £2000 to buy, heads go for £300, sumps are rare, even the verniers are expensive. Make me a sensible offer.

The cars:

The first car is a 1975 Manta B coupe. This car is Left Hand Drive and French Registered (you can have a cert of conformity if needed) This car was to be the track car. Fully stripped rolling shell with excellnt goose necks. The battery box was rotten, however the entire scuttle has been totally rewelded to very a high standard and the car is now water tight.

The floor has rotted out in each corner. The passenger side is nearing completion, however the drivers side still needs to be done. The chassis rails and jacking mounts are still in good order. The rest of the car is original and rust free.

There is no interior, although the original dash is present, once the floor is finished I intended fitting a safety devices mutipoint cage and race seats. It is a non sunroof model.

It has the original chrome bumpers and rostyle 13" wheels.

The second car is is a 1987 Manta C Exclusive coupe RHD. I still can't believe I paid £4000 for this pile of poo! It's white with a sunroof, the roof is scabby, the floor is rotten and the goose necks are poor. I bought it as the donor for the earlier car. It has steel torque tubes, rear disc conversion, hydraulic handbrake (fly off) quick rack and the 1.8 5 speed compatible with the XE. The interior, rear spoiler and wheels have already been sold, but most everything else remains including the side skirts, front spoiler, twin lamps, dash etc.

Both cars have decent doors, boots and wings. Both have full glass.

So if you fancy building an amazing project car, everything you need is here. Or if you need a donor to finish your car, these will probably do it.

Easiest thing to do is drop me a mail or call me on 07841 516858 and discuss what you want.

The cars are at a friend's workshop. He builds track cars for a living, so if you have a few quid he'll even build the car to your spec for you. But it won't be cheap!!

Call me!


Oh the whole lot is in West Sussex.

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