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Cavalier Gls Coupe 1977


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Dear All,

The time has come to sell my beloved 1977 Cavalier GLS Coupe.

I am offering the car here first as I would dearly love for this car to go to a trusted member of the OMOC.

However, if I have not had any interest in a week or so then it will most likely get listed on the dreaded four letter word that starts with an ‘E’- but that is by far my least preferred option.

The car passed its MOT today – that now expires on June 18th 2011 as I put it in early (one advisory this time though) = “Nearside (steering rack) steering system has slight free play detected at steering wheel (2.2A.1b)”

The car is taxed until end of September 2010

Mileage (original) = a few miles over 82,000

Dealer service history up to 64,000 miles

Number of previous owners (then add me of course) = 3

All original features – except the carb has been changed to a Weber 32/36 with manual choke. I also have a service kit for this carb.

Also the original radio has been removed (see below spares list) and an LG (face off) single CD radio fitted (without Manta adaptor) and Pioneer front foot well speakers.

Note! The rear parcel shelf, front doors and rear quarter panel have never had speakers fitted to/into them.

I do have an original Zenith carb in the garage though if the purists want to put it back to totally original spec. Note! The car has NOT been converted to run on Unleaded fuel so an additive is required.

Only known problems are:

1) The driver’s seat is thread bare on the bolster and the top corner nearest the door where a previous owner (old guy) struggled to get in and out of the car in his narrow garage.

2) The battery goes flat after a week of standing. I keep the car on a trickle charger anyway so that never catches me out, but a new battery is probably a good investment.

The best description I can give this car is ‘honest’. I would not hesitate to set off in this car and drive anywhere. It is not a show prize winner, but it is definitely VERY presentable especially for a ’77 Vauxhall.

The car will be sold with all of the following parts/spares as I have no intention of splitting the package up:

Engine rebuild gasket set plus some extras, rocker cover gasket, selection of headlamp bits and bobs including glass, 6 x new spark plugs, 2/3 spare sets of points, new air filter, spare clock, spare rear window and blower switches, 2 x period radios – one of which I believe to be the cars original (in the boot when I bought the car), indicator lens, new thermostat, new set of rear shoes, spare front coil springs, spare pair of Monroe gas shocks, rotor arm, dizzy cap, ignition barrel with key, couple of relays, heater matrix, flexi brake hose, master cylinder rebuild kit, new speedo cable, new clutch cable, door handle escutcheon thingy!, headlamp rubber, set of core plugs – oh yeah and a spare wheel nut……… :D

Loads of book/manuals – please refer to the photos.

Original Vauxhall Cavalier owner’s manual with the service stamps inside.

My owner service history notebook to show everything done to the car, at what mileage and on which date.

A couple of tins of colour matched Halfords spray paint

The car is located in Braintree, Essex – viewings are most welcome.

Price: £1,750

This is going to be a very difficult sale for me :( , so please don’t make any daft offers. In my humble opinion the car is worth that much with all of the bits and bobs thrown in. If there is no serious interest I might even decide to just keep her wrapped up.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks everyone,


Ps – these photos were ALL taken this evening.

Photos HERE!!

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I don't think your asking to much for the Cav but if you have to sell then put it on E/bay & set a reserve of say £1500.

Unfortunately it does seem to be a buyers market at the moment.:(

You will have to pay fees & some people don't like selling on E/bay but at least you'd have a big audience.

Alternatively you could try www.carandclassic.co.uk or www.cavalierandchevetteclub.co.uk.

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