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Manta B Front Dimensions


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Right Im having a bit of ball ache with my Kadett.

Having fitted Astra GTE front calipers I'm finding that on full lock the back of the calipers are seriously fouling the springs! The MOT man will not be happy!

I'm thinking of some cheap and easy solutions to get a bit of clearance, one of which is to fit Manta B lower arms. I am assuming this will work as the rear axle is wider than normal I am guessing the front axle is too. Does anyone know the Manta B and Kadett C front track dimensions.

Also will the upper and lower arms fit the standard Kadett C subframe? On paper they look the same design and infact I am running Manta B uprights which the calipers are attached to.

Im scratching my head at thinking of the easiest solution and this seems to be it.


Much appriciated


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Wouldn't the easiest solution be a blob of weld on the stops to stop it locking over so far? Or spot weld a nut on (nice even shaped stop) maybe screw a bit of studding in it to be adjustable.

But whatever happens never listen to me. Safety first, if in doubt don't blah blah blah.

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Mixing up suspension components can cause untold amounts of trouble unless you really know what you are doing and are capable of calculating the various geometry angles, even the Manta up-rights you have used will have given you incorrect ackerman angles on the stearing arms for the wheelbase of your car.

As Mantadoc says much easier to make up a form lock stop.

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Do you have any suggestions as to where I could put them. The rear of the caliper is touching the spring on opposite lock. There doesnt appear to be anywhere I can put any kind of stop?

In the longer term, I do really want to widen the front track to match the wider Manta B rear axle without the use of spacers. I'm measuring it at approximatly 30mm wider at the rear than front. Someone has posted a picture of both Kadett & Manta arms and they do look very similar. The other issue is that that steering rack would have to be changed to Manta B.

Does anyone have the measurments of the arms? Has anyone ever tried doing this at all?

I say this as a common Peugeot 205 modification is to fit Peugeot 309 lower arms to widen the track, which worked for me to good effect.

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I'll give you a clue

You need to look at how the "standard" stops work, I could give you the answer in 5 words but if you don't get it you shouldn't be doing it.

And as always don't take my word for anything, safety first, you should be competant to do any job you undertake and if in doubt not do it or get expert help. No warranty of any kind implied or given.

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