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Lower Rear Corners And Front Jacking Points


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any of these about ?

hadrian dont seem to list the corners anymore , altho i will call and ask anyway .

been looking at german ebay for a "Aufbocken Punkt" thats supposed to be a jacking point . needless to say there isnt any there .

any of these about?

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I have spare jackiing points but charge an extortionate amount for them from my stock as opposed to doing them for cost on a group buy.

Been known to get the odd bit in for folks ;)


WOWZERS!!!! no wonder nobody has any , youve got them all!!!

can i purchase 2 jacking points and 2 corners from you ?

oh and what are the the bits on the right of the picture ? are they chassis rail cover sections?

if so can i take a couple of them too .

pm sent...

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Two or three times a year I do a group buy of these things for members for no profit. So I've only got a couple of pairs of jacking points and three sets of the chassis repair bits in the loft.

Those that plan ahead and fill their loft are obviously quids in. Down side is I can't get these separately for the same prices, so if I sell something from my rainy day stock I sell it for double what it cost plus postage. Reason being I don't know when or if I can replace.

Pretty sure I'd sell you the chassis bits, as down to last four jacking points might not or might be a bit dearer. I did get a set just in case someone was stuck last group buy, think I sold them to Spewey.

I think those lower corners were for an A.

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Rutts / Glen

I can whip you up a price for a pair of the chassis repair parts.

I will be doing another group buy soon but it takes a few weeks to get prices, 1 month to get everybodies orders and money in then up to one month delivery plus my weel or two of packing and waiting for balances.

Usual rules, prices are double what they cost in the group buy plus postage where required.

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