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Hella Lamps


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Hi all,

Just bought a brand new set of square hella lamps for my GTE.

I've been told my standard bulb holder bit at the back may not be the same fitment.

Does anybody know if this is correct and will i need extra parts?

Hope this isn't too vague a description.


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I'm not sure what you are meaning? Do you mean that you are replacing twin lamps with square ones?


Square Lamps; The head lamps should have new blub holders 'included'. They are completely standard (best to my knowledge). Being that they are new! the metal holders might be stiff! Wearing thick gloves, 'push the holder in' then turn (similar idea to a raditor cap).

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I'm probably being a bit thick here but still can't get this working.

The unit came with spring loaded bulb holder which fits nicely, right up until I put a bulb in. Once the bulb is in I cant twist the holder in to the locked position.

Different bulb size or something? dont want to try forcing it just yet.

Thanks for replys so far.

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The bulb should have three lips (12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock) if that makes sense :blink: put the bulb in first, then fit spring-cap. they can be a pain at times.

wot they should look like for Hella lamps


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