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Exhaust Heat Shield


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WOW! weird or wot! the site crashed, just as I was about to reply (maybe thats a good thing) :lol:

Stop being lazy and stick your head under your car :lol: . It's something silly like 8mm. Right pain in the butt to put back on tho :(

Its no use sticking my head under the car, its not on there.

They are 8mm bolts, but I had a feeling it was rubber mounted.

Anyway have now bolted straight onto chassis with washer and nut


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I can only speak for my GT/E, it's nuts and bolts (like you say) no rubber etc, to be honest! i didn't think you were clear in your original post (or the Peroni was effecting my reading skills :lol: ). Should be easy if your motor is an 1.8. I can understand why a previous owner didn't bother to refit the heat shield (stupid but understandable).


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