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New Near Side Twin Lamp Pod And Airdam


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i managed to drive into my freinds garden wall back in december when the roads were icey and made a lovley mess of the N/S front portion of my manta. Since i'm only third party i have to foot the bill myself, so i've been puting it off saying "Fiber glass tape gives the car character" but now i've got some money together i'm ready to get her fixed. The wing is not a drama and know a guy who can fix it, however the N/S corner of the front bumper is 90% tape and the light pod is cracked. basicly i need a new front bumper/Airdam and N/S twin lamp pod for a 87 exclusive hatch anyone know where i can pick them up for a reasonable price? also i could do with a n/s headlamp too since water seems to be finding its way inside now. cheers

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