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just got oil gauge working and when cold it reads 2 bar at idle. but as it warms up it slowly drops to nowt really and light stays on at idle.it goes off and gauge up when you rev it. the engine is not knocking at all.the tappets are a little tappy when hot, but this is a 2.2 and has solid lifters so i,m told.anyone think its got too thin oil in?or would the wrong sender do it, cos it doesnt look original? its fitted on a 't' piece?? any help app..

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On the 2.2 i finished working on last week we had 4.5 bar at cold idle and this dropped to 2.5 bar at hot idle.

At speed the OP sat at 4.5 bar with out a problem. The oil in it is vauxhall 10/40 semi but have fitted a Diesel oil pump cover.

It sounds like your oil pump is on its way out. First thing to do if not already done is change the oil and filter. If this doesn't cure the problem then you'll need to take the pump apart and measure the gears and housing, as per the Haynes manual.

Just make sure that if you have a gasket on the OP cover it MUST go back as this is a thickness cirtical. You could also try a Diesel pump cover IF you can find one.

A 2.2 should also have hydro lifters as standard, if it has solid lifters then someone has been there before you.

From what you have said though it does sound like the pump in on its last legs but you might also want to check the oil stainer in the sump to make sure its not blocked up with crap



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Just as a point of intrest, what was the oil pressure readings before you changed the oil pressure sender, if they were the same as they are now, I assume that is why you changed the unit, which means there was no fault with the unit you removed, and the advice given by Andy is well worth looking into. Hope you get it sorted without to much pressure on the wallet!

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also check the `plugs` in the head are intact. they are next to the rocker studs & look like sawn off m8 bolts.if one of these comes out oil pressure can drop drastically & tappets can start to rattle. i had this happen once but took ages to find ! not something you would check or ever heard anyone have a problem with .

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