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Hello From Doncaster


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Hi guys im Dave from Doncaster.

At the moment i drive a Vectra V6 CDX that ive loved for the last 4 years

I joined the site as i maybe looking to buy a Manta b and i think its always a good start to join a forum so you can see what the cars are like first and i would rather try buy a car from a forum as alot of the time the cars are better looked after and most post up a W.I.P like i have with my V6. I dont know anything about Manta but know loads about Vauxhalls,So i may be asking loads of questions soon haha.

Hope to talk and meet with most of you at meets etc in time

Heres a few pics of my V6 hope you like them




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Hi Dave welcome to the forum and good choice with the Manta, I live in Conisbrough.

I curretly own 2 Mantas would be good if you did get a Manta!!!!! there isnt that many around these parts, there used to be a Manta A in Swinton but that was sold on Ebay a few months ago!!!!!!!

May be could meet up some time??????

Regads Paul

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Yeah that would be cool some time Paul.

Yeah your right about not many around i havent seen one in years. When i was younger there was a bloke who had a gold coloured GTE and i always said i wanted one, and thats stayed with me. Ive been looking for one that needs loads of work as i own a small garage so the work with be no problem but carnt find any cheap ones around :(

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