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Temperature And Fuel Gauges


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Is this a common occurance? Anyone know a solution?

A few months ago, I realised that my fuel gauge was over-reading (it dawned when I was trudging the garage can in hand after she emptied her tank just above the red mark...)

About 4 weeks ago, the temperature gauge started heading for orbit so I pulled over and checked it out. The bottom tank was cold, the top warmish so I suspected a dickie thermostat. I took it out and drove the car to see if, as expected, it would remain cold. It didn't, the needle sat bang in the middle of the temp gauge. I took the rad cap off to see that the coolant was moving freely too.

Suspecting the rad as it had seen better days, I got a second hand one off a GT/E (cheers Chris :thumbup ). Plumbed everything in today, new rad and thermostat and headed for the hills for a test drive. The gauge once again took off like a stabbed rat before stopping just short of the red and staying there. Again, opened up and checked, the rad was hot, took the cap off and although the coolant was hot, there were no great clouds of steam and the coolant seemed to be circulating.

Any help much appreciated! :huh:

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Without a doubt that yeah. They are a common failure and are still about but most people make one. Not going to be much help but they are about a fiver to make from Maplins (do a search on here as I lost the details I had)

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