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Manta 1972 Sr Auto Project


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Just bought the car today from a former club member who has too many projects ,it turns out the car was only a few miles from me, thanks to Simon Peckham who put me in touch with the former owner.

A few pic's from today.

Loaded up at Steves house.



Thanks to Joe the Plumber for the use of his v6 Mondeo and his time.

Back safely back to my house.



Ready for a wash and quick polish.


Sometime later.






Under the carport for now.


I also saw a name i recognisze on the logbook ,i wonder if he will show himself.

Thats all for now ,i am sure there will be a few more posts from me when the welding starts.

Mick. :D

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Nice one Mick, you have been on the hunt for a long time with the hankering for the Manta A :)

It;s in good hands now and knowing you it will end up pulled apart and rebuilt to your standards over time, does look really well on the outside at the moment, I'll take a guess and you'll do some mods :thumbup

Good luck and health to enjoy

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Nice one Mick, I wonder how long the auto box will last. You have the luck of the devil finding something that good at the back of a garage.

Best of luck with the work & welding. :thumbup

We must also sort summat out with Joe for a meet at the waterhole soon.

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Dan it was too close not to go and have a look at (Blaby) 3 miles from me. I have spent alot of time trying to sort out the dodgy electrics, just got the front lights and front indicators replaced and working and replaced the battery cable. there is still a long list of things that don't work :- Hazard light switch not working ,headlamp flash dead, fast speed on wipers dead ,rev counter dead ,o and the hole in the sill. I hope to get the car on the road in the next couple of months :thumbup

Hope to see you at Billing.

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