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Need To Get In Contact With A Welsh Manta Owner!


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Hi dont no if this should be in this section but thought it would be best in here so you all saw it,

I recently bought a Hatchback tailgate from ebay, though out the auction the seller (entwistlecymru) replied to my questions, and we agreed that he would bring it to billing for me. but since the Auction ended nothing????? iv sent him about 3 emails to ask if we are still on for the deal but no reply :(

He is Called Chris and he lives at the end of the M4 in South Wales and he has got a Coupe, thats all i no :ph34r:

An other manta owner bought a Berlinetta from him with the user id of opel-manta-i200, dont no if he is on this forum, and got a phone number for him????? i need to get in contact with him so i no what car to go to billing in !!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help me find him, i can understand if he carnt get the tailgate there for some reason but i still want it and would like to no whats happening???? :thumbup

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Thanks mate, i dont mean to be a pain iv just been after a tailgate for ages :thumbup

hi m8 i bought the coupe from chris thomas as stradacab says he is a busy man he works none stop the no i have is a mobile07841043101 hope this gets u sorted

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