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Manta Mot Failure


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Oh well it's been a few years since the Manta failed its MOT but it certainly hit the big time this week.

Corrosion on both chassis rails, the worst bit is the nearside which is around the sub-frame bolt. Just hope the subframe bolt isn't 'solid' in its guide.

Add to that the brake-discs are warped so it's new discs & shoes as well. (only had the calipers sorted last year!).

So it will be taking a trip to Coventry (luckily only about ten miles) to see Chris Collier at CRC rather than have a garage bodge done on it.

(It's only money - sob!)

Still at least everything will be top notch if I sell it.

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Going into caring hands :thumbup for repairs, "Surprises" as long as we own them Mantas they will always gee us surprises,mine this year actually behaved when doon at MoT station :o

Will be worth all the hassle once done und yur oot and aboot in it again.

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Well made a start on the car.

Due to the car needing welding around the front subframe bolt the first thing to do was to remove the front sub frame.



Once the sub frame was out the way, I could see what needed repairing.




Outer skin removed and first treatment of rust stabiliser applied.


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Your doing the right thing Bogwart :thumbup the previous owner of my Manta (old guy), kept getting the garage to plate weld the chassis leg (driver-side) feck it was like a patchwork quilt :blink:

its too late now but one of these would have done the trick ;)


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Well the car is now finished, just booked it in for MOT tomorrow.

Drivers side chassis rail had a lot more rot than the O/S rail.



Outer skin removed, OH no, no inner rail left. :(


New 3mm steel being welded in to replace inner skin.


New outer skin fitted and sealed.


New patch ready to be welded on inside of rail.


All finnished and protected with shultz. :thumbup



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Pleased to say car is now happily back on the road, complete with new front discs, pads & refurbished calipers (Big Red) so not only is the chassis solid it now stops quickly as well.

From the pics you can see Chris has done a great job - without breaking the bank. I can seriously recommend him to anybody in the club for any Manta restoration work, especially if the work is beyond you. Great job mate, many thanks.

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