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Hi folks

Had to finally join

Been working on a red opel manta b for 15 years

Hardly ever see a manta these days although just back from Croatia and saw a mint condition (bodywise) manta B lying abandoned.

Never seen a version like it either looks very different.

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Nice manta like the colour.

Its actually my fathers project now

Needs something to do now he is retired.

Big problem is the carburettor - it really needs replaced as the car just wont start properly anymore but can we find an old Cavalier Manta carb.

Anyone here got any ideas where i might get one for his birthday?

Yeah will try and put up some photos but this site looks like you need to linkit to another url?

Ok here is the car inthe port of Omis - Croatia - a beauty she is but missing the dashboard and looked like all the electrics had been removed - swoopy alloys as well!

Guy only wanted £200 for it - looks like it is customised maybe Irmsher bodykit not sure though as I usually prefer original non-modified classics but

this one is a beauty.

My link

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