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Will This Inlet Manifold Work Ok?


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I bought this c20xe manifold & not planning on doing a c20let conversion.... (not that i think i dont anyway)

He said that it should work fine but obviously i would like to be 100%?


I dont know if that link just worked or not as i know i want to be a member, just keep spending money on the car(s)

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The manifold is the wrong way around for a c20xe in a manta.

It would have the throttle at the back of the engine bay, so no way of fitting an inlet pipe to it.

For a front wheel drive instalation like astra/nova its an advantage as it would allow the inlet pipe to come from the gearbox side where there is more room.

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Would it make any difference if i was to upgrade to a c20let?

Was not planning to do this as yet as not long had the engine i bought off of Mantamike

If not I will have to tell him the sad news & pull out as not paid for it yet & he been messed about by the usual idiots on ebay........ Gutted! sad.gif

Yes that is a really big sad ******* face

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Nope c20xe and c20let are both the same for where the inlet manifold points.

As rutts said you could chop the ends off and swap them around, but that would cost a fair bit and after spending so much on a manifold would you want to?

Out of interest what did you want the manifold to do for you on the c20xe?

Assuming you had the ends swapped so it would fit into the manta, just bolting it onto a standard engine isn't going to do anything good

Infact i doubt it would even run properly.

You'd need a fully mappable aftermarket ecu setup to get the thing to run normally.

With that i could see a increase in power (although i've never seen a similar setup done so couldn't guess how much of an increase)

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