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Billing South West Convoy Pics!


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It seems to be that we all meet at my place before travelling to Billing en masse each year, so thought I had better start a thread to invite anyone to join.

We will be leaving for Billing on Friday July 9th around lunchtime from Patchway, just off J16 by the Almondsbury Interchange. Let me know if you will join us and I'll pm you my address.

There are normally a healthy clutch of vehicle that trundle up, its nice to see the cars on the road and attract a bit of attention too!

Hope to see you!!

(Would have posted a pic of last years convoy but was on the computer that was stolen in Jan :angry: Maybe James has some?)

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Latest news from Martin who's knocking us all into shape....

" Hi Guys, just a reminder that we will be meeting at James', (just off the junction 16 of the M5) this Friday the 9th of July at about 12.00, with the intention of getting on the way by 1.00. If you can't make it let us know, (James, Daz or me).

The weather forecast is dry & sunny for Friday and should be the same for Saturday & Sunday, so should be another brill show.


Those attending this year, (so far) are the 'usual suspects', Daz, James' C & S, Chris' T & D, Dave, Ollie & Me, along with partners and friends. If you want to join us give me a call.

I won't be on my e-mail from Wednesday afternoon so if you want to speak to me ring my mobile.

Cheers, Martin.

Tel/Ffon 029 2078 8226/07793 258 275"

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Wot no coupe? 5 up in a Senator is not my idea of a "convoy"!

I'd love to have brought the coupe, but I'd have been looking at ridiculous money for camping for the two nights and even more ridiculous money in petrol to get it there and back! Haven't actually paid my rent that was due at the start of the month yet :unsure:

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Another great weekend, beautiful weather, great company and lots of beer and burnt meat. Heaven!

Thanks to all those who organised the event, great to see some top Manta's there, catch up with old friends and make some new ones! And I picked up a couple bargains from the autojumble too.




















And thanks to everyone that came up and commented on the Ascona, it was touch and go as to whether I would get there but after some help from club members DFH 744T made it!! It really made it all worthwhile!

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I had an awesome time this year, Loved every minute of the trip and the show, running up in the convoy is always excellent as you get so many looks and comments from normal car drivers and arriving at Billing in a long line is a buzz too.

I will get some of my pics sorted soon, I landed back to lots of work and the weekend "excesses" have finally found me and given me a much deserved headache so I am off to bed.

The steering wheel is mine and I still have it, PM me !

Special Thanks go to James C for really hassling me about making the effort this year, I am so glad you did. Its been the best Billing trip I have ever had.

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Excellent photos guys! Enjoyed them and glad to see that everyone had a good time.

Nice to see that Mark Milsoms old i200 has found a good home....so who is the proud new owner then? That car took me to my wedding a few years back!

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