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Manta 400 Xe Engine Project For Sale


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Manta coupe project for sale, project thread can be seen here http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/13969-bendys-xe-power-400-project/

Ive been served notice to vacate my house and ive tried desperately to find somewhere to store the manta and all my garage equipment. Ive been trying to find somewhere to put it all before ive looked for somewhere to stay myself but cant find anything. Im forced to have to sell it all up. Id rather sell as a whole rather than sell all the parts broken up. I have a massive amount of parts and spares. i could refit the axles so its a rolling chassis with engine and running gear complete. heres a list of just some of the parts.

C20XE rebuilt with 276 degree cams

Front mount distributor bracket

opel metal plug cover

1800 sump fitted

1800 gearbox fitted

hybrid clutch

ashley heat wrapped 4-2-1 manifold

heavy duty engine mounts

new gearbox mount

new droplinks

all front suspension parts blasted and painted chassis black and most rear parts.

full rear set of powerflex bushes

15 inch revolution 8 inch alloys

2 new bucket seats

omp harnesses

half roll cage fitted and front cage/door bars not yet fitted

spare doors and many other parts, all original GTE exclusive body panels/bonnet

shell has had most repairs done, some small patches still required, structural repairs complete. rear arches have been cut back and welded shut for wheel clearance, spare wheel well removed. sunroof plated over.

1800 rear axle

400lb road rally front springs and matching weighted rears

used 400 rally kit and bonnet

goodridge brake lines

10 litres of 2k vauxhall glacier white and hardener.

many other parts which i cant remember but theres not much more needed to build into a great 400 rep.

I live in the orkney isles which im sure will put most people off but transport of the lot could be arranged somehow im sure.

The car is originally a GTE exclusive E230 XUJ which you will see if you read the project thread, i recommend this to get an idea of the work which has been done and the standard its been done to. pictures speak louder than words.

As for how much i want for it, i know its not the done thing but what value do you put on this? Im really not sure, i know i have Over £6k tied up in it already but im open to offers over 3.5k. unless i find somewhere to keep it very soon its all going to end up outside on my uncles driveway and we all know how quickly thats going to ruin it all.

Pm me or email bendy200@yahoo.co.uk if you want anymore details.



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Don't do it!

You will only regret it. Think your location will not make for an easy sale.

Have you tried going round farms asking if they have any barn space available for a bit of cash in hand.

Even if it was only sort term till you found something better.

Hope it works out for you.

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has anyone heard from benny!? lol would really like to know if he has kept it

Bit o a hijack, but said you're from scourie/kinlochbervie?

My father stays up there now he's retired. From there originally, I've been up there more times than I can count!

Don't think there'll be a manta for a good few miles from you (til mines is finished and I'm visitin :lol: )

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