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Hi There!

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Hi to all my friends here on the forum.

I have been a member of the OMOC since 1996 (on and off if I'm honest!). I love all things OPEL Manta (I like Ascona's, Monza's etc too, as it's all one big family!). I have owned 4 Opel Manta's.

My first was a C reg Silver Berlinetta Coupe (C545 YNA) (1.8). The first car I ever bought and what a car that was with a new cam fitted - My introduction to rear wheel heaven and going everywhere sideways!! :thumbup

Then I had an E reg GT/E hatch (E464 XJC) which looking back was the mintest hatchback I have ever seen - I should have kept that one, but had to sell it to buy another coupe. That remained completely standard.

Then I bought D253 JNB from Kev Abbott which had the 2.0 XE in it and was a GT/E coupe modified to the hilt!!! I lost that one sadly - write up in 2000/1 MM mag, Spring edition - would need to check.

Which brings me to my current car which is E36 GRN with the same 2.0XE from D253 JNB. I have had this car for 10 years now and am afraid to say that having not been driven for 4 years or so (last tax disc was MAR 05!!). Took it to Billing in 2004. The year later I went to Billing in my S13 which got spat at - I should have known better!!!

I am looking to replace this with a much better cleaner original example if anyone knows of one going for sale (MUST BE COUPE!). I got distracted by Jap turbo's for a little while, have owned S13 and S14's which quite frankly are not MANTA'S!!! I am a Manta man.

So get in touch I have few spares for our cars, (external trim mainly) and have shed loads, and I mean ''shed loads'' of Vitesse Manta's should anyone wish to extend their collection! Time to focus on the big car and forget about the 1:18 and 1:43 scale one's - AS A VERY WISE FRIEND HAS TOLD ME (Thanks RAB!)

I will be selling my current car as stripped out as possible so anyone could look to see if they fancy the challenge (e.g. replacement roof!) as I am not up for this anymore, I just want a lovely Manta to take almost instant pride in.. Will pay decent money for a decent car.

Hope to hear from any of you soon!!!


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Hello Gaz.

Must say the Jap Turbo stuff distracts me too, and TBH I miss my old S13, next to my old red prefacelift 'B' it was the best car I'd ever had, and still love my Skyline to bits. But they still ain't a Manta, I went and sat in my T plate XE Manta coupe project the other day, and sliding into the Recaro and putting my hands on the wheel was like putting my hand into a warm woolen glove on a cold winters day.......... The Manta just feels so damn right.

Only downside with the Manta is the lack of power as standard, the cars look a lot faster than they actually perform.

Never drove one with an XE in, but had a 150BHP SEH in my old red 'B' and at same time I had an XE Cally, after driving them both within seconds of each other the XE seemed effortless and smoother than the SEH but SEH would do what XE did but simply had to be spun up a good few 1000 revs first.

For me I Know I'm gonna be needing a bit more power from my "finished" project (I use that term loosely as they are never finished) but going from 280BHP Skyline to a 150BHP XE I know I'm gonna be needing a bit more power.

As for your S13 being spat at?????? Typical ignorant atitude of bigotted individuals that cannot appreciate a decent vehicle. Manta 1.8 90BHP, S13 1.8 180BHP, Hmmmmm Turbo'd RWD Coupe Vented discs "ALL ROUND". independant rear suspension, LSD as standard (on facelift models) Air conditioning as standard 0-60 of 6.5 secs. Yes I can see why biggotted Manta owners would spit at such a car.

Hell of a lot of car for not a lot of cash, although good ones are now fetching a lot of money. Not to mention those superb Nissan engines, I can balance a £1 coin on the Skyline engine when it is running.

I'll never be without Jap power if I can help it, and also never be without a Manta if I can help it, Ideal Manta for me would have an SR20DET from an S14 fitted with a few mods.

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Hi mate (Clive perhaps?),

My 200SX had a 230bhp ND kit on it, with all the stopping power ANY car would need. Handled like a dream.

To be honest, I've seen a couple of Manta's on the road lately and it had made me really want to be able to have that 'Manta feeling' again. My Manta is well shot, so I must start afresh! This being the main reason I sold my S14 with 220bhp - nowhere near as quick as the S13 as it was such a heavy lump! But the funds for a very very good Manta are there ready and waiting for the right car to pop up. Don't mind having to do some work, but the minter the better. Nice original WHITE, SILVER or MONACO BLUE EXCLUSIVE will do me nicely!

Waiting patiently........

GAZ :(

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Cheers guys, really been missing driving a (my) Manta lately (except for the recent test drives!), hopefully I'll have one that I can call my own (that runs!) very soon. Can't make this months meet but I will be back rest assured Kev mate. Did I get the reg right? I don't have any pics of the car anymore - I remember you took a few the day you sold it to me. Was many years later before I got a digi camera!

Gaz :thumbup

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