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Starter Motor

monaco manta

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I bought a starter motor which was billed as being for a late 2.0 Exclusive a couple of years back, but when held up against my car it very clearly isn't the same! Made by REDCO it's marked up as being a replacement for Lucas part No LRS 409, but this may not be correct. If anybody can enlighten me further by the pictures, so I can get rid of it, please do so!

Aiming to take to Billing on the Sunday, so if you want a closer look / match it up against the one on your vehicle please let me know.

Item has not been used and I'm looking for £20.

Sorry, unable to get the pictures on - can somebody let me know how to do this? I had stupidly assumed I just added it as an attachment direct from my PC, but obviously not!


SE Area Rep

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According to the Lucas catalogue details:

12 Volt


Cross no.







Using the cross referenced part number AZF3534, you can find more details here: click

Useful thing Google :P

Thanks for the info. At least I know why it didn't match up with the existing one on my Exclusive - that'll teack me for not checking things when they first arrive in the post! If I'd found out straightaway I could have backed it through E-bay!

Anybody interested in a starter motor for an Ascona?


SE Area Rep

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