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Screen Wiper Jets


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Im rying to get my manta back on the road for the first time since 2006, the only thing I can see a problem with at the moment is that I can only get a trikle out of one jet and nothing out of the other, whats the best course of action - strip it all out and replace is is a simple fix likely?


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Im in the process of upgrading mine.

I've got a new pump from ebay (also comes with free tubing)

I've got 2 twin washer jets from an astra vectra etc and am fitting those.

4 jets on the windscreen instead of 2.

Slightly larger diameter so needs the bonnet drilling out with a step drill slightly.

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Had the same problem couple of weeks ago. I thought at first! it was the headlamp washers (so I disconnected them) it wasn't them :huh: I tried old/new piping 'nah luck'. It was a blocked jet (bonnet) I used vinegar (dropped the jet into a cup of vinegar for a couple of hours) it did the trick. An airline would def do the trick BUT the vinegar was closer to hand.

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