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Master Cylinder Waht To Swap With?


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Hi All,

Finely got the manta V8 an MOT and its just the best fun :thumbup

The problem is the master cylinder decided to go stupid on the way home and now i have no front brakes

I have been looking for a replacment but there dosent seem to be much about also had a look for seal kits again nothing and the big red kit that was supposed to do the job is the wrong size

Any body had any joy with swapping the master cylinder out for somthing else? maybe a calton one or somthing that you can still get a hold of

I have got a peddle box but it will need a lot of chopping to get it in and being floor mounted it will mess up the driving position

Many thanks


O yes the car is an 1800s on an C plate if that helps. its also got a 4 pot front upgrade and is running a ford 9" rear end with the big old drums.

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I have managed to get a subaru impreza one in there :thumbup

Using the original manta servo i extended the rod that pokes the MS by about 7MM and re drilled the mounting flange to line up with the manta servo.

I have gone for the 2 outlet (ABS) master from the Subaru and have pipped it up so the front brakes run of the first half and the rear come of the back via a bias valve

Looks to be ok but i have to finish of bleeding it all out

Will let you know the outcome



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