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Fuel Lines


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Mine uses larger diameter copper brake pipe on a roll, about 7mm but the size is in imperial and rubber fuel injection pipe. Once replaced with copper the hard lines, properly fitted, will outlast the car. Available from any good motor factor.

Not recommending it make up your own mind and if in any doubt don't do it etc. just saying what's on mine.

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Pt Number 90166800 comes on a 10mtre roll, plastic coated steel lines. Its a bit harder to bend that copper but take your time and use a pipe bender that you can get from Sealey/machine mart etc and you shouldn't have any problems

Personaly i don't like copper pipes, ok on Steam Engines but not on cars. Also looking into importing Stainless pipe from the US, that will be fun to bend



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You know what I think you're right and would always recommend people obey all manufacturers recommendations.

That said I've never had to replace copper once fitted. It's tested to huge pressures for the brakes and if the plastic gets damaged in bending or sliding through the box sections or road damage it'll rust again. And I'm used to living with copper in the engine bay for brake lines so no appearance problems for me plus my engine bay is a toilet :). I've been doing it wrong for too long to change it'll mess with my belief systems :)

Stainless would be very interesting though.

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