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Billing 2010


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Some nice cars, not sure about the guy next to the orange A though, he spoils the pics!

It was good to meet you on Sunday and see your stunning car, really like it (although I think you should lose the stripes ;) )

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Came back on a recovery wagon, but at least we did get home. I think the engine has survived, but we'll probably have to strip it down to find out why it's overheating. I'm having one more go at flushing the cooling system, and I'll remove the stat and see what happens.

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We are back in the Netherlands from Billing 2010. It was a nice and pleasant meeting for us. The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of contact with Opel and Vauxhall fans. Many of you have seen our extensive assortment. During this Autumn we will be in the area of London again so we can bring possible orders with us to save shipping costs. When you are looking for parts or when you have parts to offer, please send us an email to info@mmdronten.nl. All requests will be answered as soon as possible.

Please take a look at our website http://www.mmdronten.nl (also available in English).

The M&M Team wants to thank you for your hospitality and your contacts.

Billing, we will be back in 2011!

Best regards

M&M Team

M&M Dronten Automaterialen Carrosseriedelen

Pioniersweg 78

8251 KR Dronten


tel: 0031-(0)321-318635

fax: 0031-(0)321-338564



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Hi M&M Guys!

I am glad that you came over to Billing and that it was a good weekend for you all. We always arrange for the nice weather to be at Billing! :lol:

If you would like to come to any of the other events in the UK, or publiscise the company through the OMOC Magazine, we woudl be more than happy to chat with you. I will drop you an email to introduce you to the magazine editor.



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