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Fuel Tank Pickup Pipe


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Folks, hope someone can help.

The fuel pressure on my injected A-series goes down, not up, when I rev it.

So far I have tried a different pressure regulator, new fuel filter, new fuel pump, pulled the sender unit from the tank to check the filter on the end of the pickup (it was clear), and even ran a new wiring section all the way from the relay to the pump. Still no change.

However, I noticed whilst pulling the sender unti from the tank, that the pickup pipe on the sender unit is much smaller diameter than the inlet on the pump.

The pickup suits 8mm hose (got 10mm on there but needed 2 hose clips to seal), but the inlet on the pump is 12mm....I'm now thinking that this may be the source of the problem? Should whoever put the injection on the car have increased the diameter of this outlet? Anyone out there with a 'proper' injected Manta, what is the size of the pickup pipe on your tank, is it 12mm?



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Well I'm really questioning the size that the outlet on the tank should be, the pipe going from the bottom of the tank, and passing out through the sender unit. But if you say the pipe from the outlet to the pump should be 12mm, then I take it this tank outlet should be 12mm also...?

Next question is...given that mine looks to be still using a carb-size tank outlet, whats the best way of putting a 12mm outlet on? I doubt if the sender unit can be modded to add a larger pipe? Is it possible? Or would a Manta B sender unit fit on? And if so, are they like hens teeth, or is there a chance of getting one?

Sorry for all the questions...but I know nothing about the 'B" at all...!



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