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Ball Joints Between Mantas A & B?


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Is their a difference between Manta A & B lower ball joints or are they interchangeable.

It's just I search and I cannot find listings for A, only B. Will they fit onto a A and visa versa?

I i think that the ones from the B don't work in the A, i read somewhere that the ones from the kadett c work, but i'm not sure.

You can find the lower ball joints in ebay there are 2 or 3 stores that sell and Dr.Manta sell but the prices are a little high

Dr Manta site


Some ebay links

Store PS - Autoteile


Classic Cars Hartman


Good luck

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Dragging this up.

Does anyone have the actual measurements between the Manta A & B lower ball joints, in particular the splined section for the lower wishbones.

Manta B is too large for the lowerwishbone but fits the stub axle, Kadett C is too small for the stub axle but fit the lower wishbone.

Basically I need the Manta A to have the same sized splined bottom as a Kadett C but the upper collor size as Manta B ball joints.

Will the Manta A fit??

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i have a set for an A and a set for a B in the garage so will measure them up!

you will have to wait till tomorrow though.


Thanks UPK, that would be extremely helpful!

On a sidenote, might you be willing to sell both sets?

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no ruler required!!!


basically the serated OD of the body is the same diameter(43.4mm)and overall hieght from the seating flange is the same.

the differance is in the diameter of the pin taper, the A is smaller (although angle is same)

so you could use b series joints in an A if theres enough material to machine the tapered hole out to the same diameter as on a b series stub axle!!

hope this is helpful?

ps why do you need both sets??

ps just read your post again, what is it you have there b or a series or a modifed special??


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for a minute there i doubted my measurements based on your earlier comments so i went and offered both up to my b series lower arm and can confirm as far as the seration goes they are the same fit!

so i conclude that the A series bottom joint will not fit your set up.

ps why not get the kadette joint and modify the stub axle, get it welded up and machined out the right size?


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Mister UPK, you are a legend!

I have a 1973 Opel Kadett C. It has standard lower arms, but stub axles from an unknown car. The problem is the stock Kadett C ball joints are too thin for these stub axles holes with about 1mm play. I assumed the axles were from a Manta B (still possible) thinking that they would also fit the lower arms. I was wrong as they are too large. So I am on the hunt for something "off the shelf" that will fit what I have.

Your idea of machining the lower arms is probably the best method, and just fit some Manta B ball joints.

Again many many thanks, you have save me alot of time, money and hassle!

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i meant machine the stub axle taper to suit the kaddett joint after first welding up to make smaller.............but yes i suppose you could modify the lower arm to take the joint from the B.

Anyway.where theres a problem a solution is not far behind!!

all the best

kev :thumbup

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many years ago I used to work for a kit car company and our cars were based on chevette or opel kadett c running gear, many people tried to fit manta stub axles to the chevette kadett lower arms for the bigger brakes but found the top ball joint fits but the lower one is too small sounds like the same problem you have, there was two ways of getting round this problem ,the first was to find a set of chevette HS lower front wish bones they have the larger bottom ball joint of the manta the second was to keep the chevette uprights and hubs but bolt all the manta bigger disk and caliper to it.Vauxhall chevette parts aren't too hard to find and will be the same as kadett ones hope this might help.

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