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New Guy From Georgia(Usa)

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Hello Folks, just joined this forum and I would like to introduce myself...my name is Steve and I live in the North Georgia Mountain area...(USA)

I currently own a complete restored GT...a 70...first fell in love with the Opel in 1969 when I was with my Dad at a Buick dealership and saw my first Opel GT...I was 12 years young and have

dreampt of owning one since....bought the GT a little over 2 years ago and restored the GT and she is a daily driver most days

Recently I purchased a '71 Manta, she is an auto with A/C. no rust, and actual 23.467 miles....engine was seized (run with low or no oil)..so I installed a rebuilt 1.9 engine..(last week) and am going to start and run

her tommorrow....brakes redone, wiring was a little messed up...fixed all that...just ready to drive her....by the way, my wife's first car was a '71 Luxus....so we are going to enjoy her together..

I am looking forward to the OMOC membership and hopefully share some of my pics and restoration discoveries....


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Hey Steve - good to have you on the forum....and in the club!

Hope you have time to put up some photos as it is always good to see the US spec cars as they are slightly different to the european ones.

Hope you enjoy the forum!

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Thanks all for the welcome...Manta is up and running as of yesterday...new engine installed....I will post some pics of this adventure

this weekend....everything went fairly smooth with just a few glitches but nothing major and I sure have learned a lot....all's good

Hey Roy, is your Manta running yet?


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