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170Bhp Redtop + Brand New Xe Rwd Manifold

marty GT

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£450ono for all parts listed below.price is ono so open to offers but plz dont try to extract the urine.

due to curcumstances beyond my control i'm going to have to abandon the redtop conversion on my manta,not very happy about it but sometimes life sucks :angry:

anyway,first up the engine.its covered 64k but i'm afraid i have no paperwork to back this up.the engine was removed from my old track car and ran sweet as a nut for the 3 years i owned it.it starts first time every time and doesn't smoke or rattle.engine was only removed from cav due to the body being past its best and so i now have a vectra for track days.



this was the old girl in action earlier this year


last march,having already owned the car for 2 years,i took it to RR shootout and was gobsmacked to see it pull a very healthy figure of dam near 170bhp. i've no idea whats been done to engine by previous owners. all i've done to engine since owning car was change the belt and roller and shove some new plugs it.



C20XE rwd manifold,brand new still in wrapper.bought from peter lloyd rallying.


needless to say due to me owning the car engine came from i was able to remove all parts needed to make it run but being an early car its a dizzy type engine so i had begun to collect all the parts to convert to dispack.

these are also included in sale but i cannot guarentee they all work as i never got to convert engine over to run dispack.

dispack engine loom


dispack ECU,cam sensor and coilpack.


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