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New Manta

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Hi .... just joined , got myself an Opel Manta 1.8 GT

Irmscher Twin headlight conversion, Astra GTE front brake upgrade with properly machined discs, Completely reupholstered recaro interior

Adjustable gas filled Spax PSX 40mm suspension kit.

New Weber manual twin choke carb fitted, 1.8 GT so came fitted with the GT/E body kit

A few little issues to sort out ..... need gearox mount and engine a wee bit smokey ( :blink:might do the 2l conversion )

so far the cars been good fun and i'm lookin forward to years of pleasure :thumbup

my other vehicles are A Kawasaki ZRX 1100 and a merc Sprinter ( for work :( )

cheeries and greetings from Bonny Scotland :D

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Hi Gary and welcome to the OMOC!

The car sounds nice, lots you can do with a 1.8 and not that many of them around nowadays, so it sounds as though you have a good one there.

If it's smoking a bit it may be the valve stem oil seals that are worn - which is not a hugely complicated job to sort out. The OHC engine can suffer a bit with that as they get older.

Hope you enjoy the forum. Lots of useful info and freindly folk on here!



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:thumbup cheers for the welcome

got valve stem seals with the car , spoke to a race mechanic friend who said that the vss are only about a quarter of the problem and I would be better spending the money on a c20xe conversion .

he gave her a fettle and set the carb up properly so I'll use her as is at the moment till I get a bit more info on my options

most important is the gearbox mount as its knacked the seal so im loosing oil

had trouble finding a replacement ( Got the seal not the GB mount ) read last night on your site about repairs with silicon and no more nails :blink: ..... might have to do this in the short term :ph34r:

tried to put some photos on but was denied , paid my membership yesterday but not sure how long it is till I become a legit member ..... will get some photos on asap :thumbup

ps ... bought the Manta down south and my first trip was about 350 miles ...... pulled like a train the whole way ..... great trip on a lovely sunny day ( untill I hit Glasgow :rolleyes: ) cant be bad tho :)

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