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1987 E Reg Exclusive Coupe


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I have decided to sell my Exclusive Coupe, I bought it 3 months ago for my next project but for personel reasons I won't be getting round to do it. We'll leave it at that :angry:

The car is very solid with only minor welding to do on the front A posts and floors above the front jacking points, the jacking points themselves are fine. The chassis rails are nearly done but need finishing. The Sunroof is immaculate and even works, no rust anywhere on the roof. The doors front wings are great, needs NSR wheel arch.

The car is complete but partically stripped. The car stands me at £800 and this is the asking price. All the rust has been cut out and patches already made.

I'm based in Lincoln and you can get me on 07946 405221. price is £800. I'll send pictures on request. Car has been dry stored since 1999 and will make a great project unless the wife gets you!

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Andy, thanks for email through the forum mate.

if you wish to email me direct email addy is opel2000@ntlworld.com

No worries Clive, I promise to take pics tomorrow and send them to you, I've been away working until tonightm then round To QLC's to weld up the rear sill area of his GTE hatch. They all rot in the same way and you weld them in the same way :lol:

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