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Which Opel Dealer Did It Come From?


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Howdy fellow Opel nuts! :rolleyes:

I know this ain't the right place to post this - but I couldn't find anywhere else...Sorry!

Do any of you have a list of dealers from the mid-80's???

I am trying to find out which dealership supplied my Monza when it was new and whilst I've got every other booklet with the car, I haven't got a dealer guide! :unsure:

As far as I can make out, it always lived around the Waterlooville area of Portsmouth until I bought her in 1990, so I think it would have been supplied by a local agent/dealer to that area - any ideas???

I have looked on the service book but the dealers stamp is too smudged - due partly to 'dampness' from sitting in the passengers footwell all these years. :(

Any ideas would be welcome! :thumbup

Regards - Guy.

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i think you can tell from the number plate the area,have a look at this


Hi Gary,

Yes mate, your right - you can tell which area it came from - originally my car was issued with an 'ODL' number-plate, which was issued by Portsmouth Council...but unfortunately, it dosen't help locate the dealer who supplied the car new!

Thanks for the tip though mate! :thumbup

Regards - Guy.

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Taken from the Vauxhall Opel Service Location Guide (1982):

United Services Garage Ltd

Vauxhall House

London Road



Don't know if they were just a recommend garage for servicing or supplied cars as well.

There is a Vauxhall garage there now with the same post code. You can see it via Google maps Google. Click on the red marker (A) then street view.

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The same dealer is listed on my Dec 86 map. There were also dealers in Gosport (Royan Garage, Forton Road), Fareham (Wadham Stringer, West Street) and Havant (United Services Garage, Bedhamton). I take it the car doesn't have the original dealer plates on it?

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