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Brake Overhall


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As my Cav is 33yrs old I've decided to get rid of all brake components, steel pipes, flexy's,wheel cylinders, brake master, discs,shoes, pads, shoe and pad fitting kits, the lot, calipers are new, they were fitted just before I bought the car last year, so I've spent most of today making up the brake pipes, now I've got a bad back through crawling underneath a car that has been lowered very near to deck level!! What started this? I was checking for a screeching noise, which I thought would be a chip or something jammed up in the disc. What annoys me is twenty years ago I would do all, or most of this in a day, now it will take me about three days!!!!!! A small PROJECT to all you youngsters I know, but something to pass the time away until the rugby season starts again!!

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come on then ,Photo's , theres some of us would say that stopping is more important than starting , not saying that's me mind lol

In a way I agree, but you have to start before you can stop. :lol:

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